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Cable Fans

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A community dedicated to the Marvel Comics character Cable.
This community, created sometime in late December, is about, for, and focused on the Marvel Comics character Nathan Dayspring Askani'son Summers, better known as the mutant anti-hero with a God complex, Cable.

Disclaimer: Cable Fans is not affiliated with Marvel Comics. This is a community made by and for fans of Cable.No money is being made off of this.

Warning: Due to the graphic nature of this comic character, viewer discretion is advised. (I always wanted to write that.

Real X-Force


-Please keep large pictures, text, and memes behind an LJ cut.
-Advertising is allowed, but only if approved by a maintainer. Keep all advertisement behind an LJ cut.
-RPG advertisement is allowed, but only if related to the Marvel universe. Keep pictures under an LJ cut.
-Community promos are allowed, under the condition that they are related to the Marvel universe.